Valentina Gal


The softest fur, the most beautiful walk, the best presentation: this is what it takes to win the title ‘Best of Breed’. In search of getting to know different subcultures, Valentina Gal (1994, NL) stepped into the world of professional dog shows. Much to her surprise, she noticed that the show dog became a living sculpture formed to the ideal set standard. Valentina realised that humans themselves are living sculptures too, formed to an ideal set standard. By setting unrealistic and unachievable standards for ourselves - imposed upon us by social media - our grip is lost to what is realistic and what isn’t; reality becomes more and more a fluid understanding. In a world where online identities become increasingly important, the aim to fulfill these ideals are identical to those for dog shows.

In Valentina Gal’s work, dogs and humans merge.


Valentina Gal graduated in 2017 in the department Base for Experiment, Art & Research (Fine Art) at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Her interest of subjects - created by the media in hyperrealism - is the basis for her multimedial work.

Text by Sarah Klevan






MERGE FEST '18, Studio Spijkerkade, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

Once we had the world backwards and forwards Nest x Lowlands,

Lowlands Festival 2018, Biddinghuizen (Group exhibition) (Edit) (Collab with NEST)

PMB Gemeente Amsterdam x Patty Mogan, PMB Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Solo exhibition)

Doetinchem Design Expositie, Stadsmuseum Doetinchem (Group exhibition)

Unleashed, Kunstruimte NUN, Arnhem (Solo exhibition)

DCA Design Tour, Stadsmuseum Doetinchem, Doetinchem (Lecture)

MESH pavilion, The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale (Group exhibition)

You want it darker, Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam (Group exhibition)



This Art Fair 2017, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (Art fair)

We Like Art!, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

LASER CLUB #2, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague (Group exhibition)

Observe! Observe! Observe!, WHITE SUIT PROJECTIONS,

Nijmegen (Group exhibition)

Apocalypse, a working title, Museum van Bommel van Dam,

Venlo (Curator) (Group exhibition)

Ernstig Geschikt!, Studio Omstand, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

Artspotting 2017, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

Arnhemse Nieuwe 2017, Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem (Lecture)

Kunstavond: TAA, TENT Rotterdam, Rotterdam (Group exhibition)

Best of Graduates 2017, Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

TENT Academy Awards 2017, KINO, Rotterdam (Film festival)

ARTY PARTY, Melkweg, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

ArtEZ Finals 2017 BEAR (Fine Art) - A love story, Arnhem (Group exhibition)



3_4_All, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

La Dolce Vita, Het Insituut, Amsterdam (Curator) (Group exhibition)

Innovate: BYOB, Industriepark Kleefsewaard, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

SUMMERSHOW 2016, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

New Exhibition, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

Amongst Others – BIG SHOW OFF, Het Insituut, Amsterdam (Group exhibition)

Chaos in Winterslaap, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)



Loading..., ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

Kissing the Muse, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

SUMMERSHOW 2015, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)



SUMMERSHOW 2014, ArtEZ, Arnhem (Group exhibition)

ArtEZ giet voor Arnhemse Ondernemers, Arnhem (Group exhibition)



3x1, Stadsmuseum Doetinchem, Doetinchem (Group exhibition)



Los Zand, K13, Velp




























Arnhemse Nieuwe 2017, Arnhem

TENT Academy Awards 2017, Rotterdam - Nominated (shortlist)

Hendrik Valk NETWERKDAG 2017, Arnhem




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