Valentina Gal


Mesh Pavilion



The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

Curated by Data Bosma, Oscar van Leest and Sjef van Beers


'In this exhibition we present the works of seven artists, plus three artists whose works are embedded on this site, who create visual art about nature in digital media. They re-interpret recognizable images of landscapes or play with common views of what nature looks like. In response to ideas of Timothy Morton we used the word mesh from his book Ecological thought. He deconstructs the word Nature to show the created fantasy within the word. These artists work in the same deconstructing manner in digital space.'


Participating artists

Valentina Gal / Miron Galić / Rawforest / Jan Robert Leegte / Jaume Clotet & Clàudia Del / Susan van Veen / Zach Lieberman

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