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Once we had the world backwards and forwards




Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen

Video project curated with NEST for Lowlands Festival


Whether it was a big bang, a God, or a one-eyed cyclops: creation stories always revolve around swirling water, light and darkness, about fish that become people and stars that show us the way. Never a word about the dark side of internet, the fast-food restaurants, black Friday or the fear of missing out. In a special five-hour video program, to be shown for the 26th edition of Lowlands Festival 11 contemporary artists show the small print that was left out in the creation story. Consisting of video-art and memorable YouTube-videos.


‘Once we had the world backwards and forwards' reflects the status quo after the turn of the millennium on mankind; how big ambitions collided and how small the world is, if you look at it from afar.


Participating artists:

Semâ Bekirovic

Melanie Bonajo

Ruben Cabenda

Daan Couzijn

Aukje Dekker

Peter van der Es

Valentina Gal

Miron Galic

Marius Mathisrud

Max de Waard

Mickey Yang


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